Leadership Coaching

What makes a leader? I am here to tell you that title and position don’t make a leader, but instead, a leader is directly linked to a person’s impact on the world around them. Most leaders don’t think they need coaching because leadership is a natural quality, but even the best can improve and have a bigger impact when they embrace the role of a leadership coach. As a professional leadership coach, Dr. Miller asks the tough questions to build up your commitment to yourself, your organization, and your life’s purpose. Leaders are often surrounded by people who are afraid of saying anything other than yes, but the role of a coach is to drive the focus toward improvement, even when that means discussing uncomfortable truths. With a good coach in place, you can improve your leadership skills and exponentially grow your level of impact.

What does coaching look like?

• Monthly one-on-one meeting
• Weekly check-in for issue processing
• Monthly goal setting and accountability
• Targeted assistance for decision-making processes
• Targeted assistance for personal, professional, and organizational strategy


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