7 Deadly Sins Of Business Leadership

What principles guide your life? Do you use the same principles to guide your business? For centuries, societies and cultures have been built on the complexity and nuance of right and wrong, and the ideas of inherently wrong acts have been consistently recognized as markers of our cultural and individual morals. The seven deadly sins have been recognized among these markers throughout history in both religious and secular environments. These seven sins are each raised as crimes against one’s soul, and they are often seen as behaviors that must be avoided if a person wants to have a good life. These principles have been adopted and adapted to fit into the modern business environment many times but are very rarely taught as part of the daily mindset of the modern business leader. 

The six sessions of this course will dive into each of these seven deadly sins, examine what they mean for our lives and the role of leaders in our organizations, and examine situations where mistakes were made. The small business environment is often one where these principles can easily be overlooked until it is too late, and the damage is done. With a full understanding of what they mean and how we can avoid them, leaders can be equipped to repair broken areas of business, patch any potential gaps, and prevent future issues. 


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