Culture Shock

With over thirty million small businesses in the United States, it can be understood that a great portion of those business owners never had the opportunity to go to college. And at this stage in life, when you are trying to manage your business and your personal life, going back to get a degree may seem nearly impossible. But not to worry. With significant experience teaching in higher education, the coaches at Action Strategy have developed curriculum based on the things that actually matter in the small business environment. We take away the homework and the meaningless history lessons, and get down to truly focus about the stuff that will actually make a difference in your company. Part of your commitment to your business should involve a commitment to investing into yourself and your abilities as a manager and a leader. This course is designed for you, the small business owner who is looking to improve and grow.

In this course, we examine a variety of topics, each related to improving the culture in your organization and driving performance in your personnel. We will explore some textbook theories, and then dive into the actual real-world application and understanding. Throughout the course, you will hear truthful feedback about situations that may not have been handled right, and we will consider what went wrong and what could have been done better. The course takes place over six months, and classes are currently only offered virtually.  Contact us for detailed information about upcoming courses.


Culture Shock FAQs

Culture Shock is a 6-month online course designed to help small business owners improve the culture of their organization. 

Culture Shock is designed for small business owners with 2-50 employees. This course has the biggest impact on accidental entrepreneurs who have not had a business background. 

Culture is the lifeblood of the organization, especially in the small business environment. If you take away the paycheck, why would anyone want to work in your company? The answer to this question leads to the culture within the company and building the best culture possible means that you will be able to attract and retain the best and most productive personnel, and your business will have a path for real growth. 

Culture Shock can benefit you by providing a new perspective on business leadership and the importance of cultural development. Textbook theories are discussed, but the real value exists in the dialog with the instructor and the other students in the course. Business owners face countless challenges, but Dr. Miller’s unique perspective and experience helps to raise awareness to process gaps and inefficiencies, align resources and strategic decisions, and turn best practices into achievable actions. In addition, the course is designed to provide an environment of accountability to help ensure you have the support to make valuable changes. All in all, the course will help you to improve your business and your skills as a leader, and help you attract and retain the employees that you want. 

Culture Shock takes place over a 6-month period. Each session is on the same day each month and lasts 1 ½ to 2 hours. The first 30 to 45 minutes are lecture, followed by dialog and issue processing about your specific business. This is not a class that you watch a video and you are done. The value is in the dialog and how the information discussed impacts your business today. Half-way through the month, a check-in occurs to discuss hurdles and how any changes are going. Sessions are presented through Zoom. 

If you are unable to be in the session, a video presentation of the information is available. However, the dialog in the course is the important part, so it is highly recommended that you attend each session if possible. 

Each participant in the course is required to sign an agreement of confidentiality. No specific business information is allowed to be discussed outside of the group. 

We offer a 10% discount for military, veterans, and first responders. Also, we offer a 10% if you choose to pay for the entire course in advance. Discounts cannot be combined. 

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